Monday, November 10, 2008

Wha..Huh.. for $1400

Answer: This is why you are going gray and balding.

Question: What is upper management?

Ok, its vent time. Where do I start? I have upper management who do not or can not use technology or can not accept change. Why is that my fault? Why do I get bitched at because they are STUPID? Yes, I said stupid. My job is in IT, so I have to deal with many changes. Change in software, systems, devices, practices, etc... you name it. Why is it that people who are my superiors need to have their hands held and be babied? Did they not ever have to learn anything new while working their way up? Technology today makes things so much more easy than in the past.

I don't even know what to type, how can these people make decisions for companies when they can't learn simple things? It happens even in the IT department. We hire someone who has no IT experience to be VP of IT and are surprised when things don't work and practices become detrimental to the process.

Back to my vent, my VP wanted his phone swapped back to an old Treo from a new Samsung. I love the Samsung and have no idea why anyone would want to go back to the Treo. I'm stuck with the Treo and hate it. Any way, the Treo runs Windows Mobile 5 and the Samsung runs Windows Mobile 6. After loading the old Treo with email, pdf abilities, voicemail, etc... the VP comes to me and is pissed that it looks different on the main screen. I explained that the versions of the software were different, but did that matter, NO, I'm the ass because its different and he doesn't like it. Oh, and I'm also the ass because he said he might want to go back to the Treo from the Samsung and I didn't do it immediately for him 2 weeks ago. Hmm...Might does not mean I want you to do something. It means there is a possibility I'll want to change. So, my boss reams me for ignoring the VP. I calmly told my boss what was said and it doesn't seem to matter to him because he then says "I wish you two could learn to communicate". I'm sorry, I speak English and know what might means. Now the VP is complaining that I am not in the office all the time. Dude, I'm the IT guy, I go where there are issues. If I just sit in my office, I'm not being productive. Get a clue as to what I do. But, I am now supposed to just sit in my office for the next few days. Whatever. Why does it have to be so hard to just do your job and try to do it well?

Sorry for the rant and hopefully you can get your lost time back.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bast@rds for $2,000

Answer: These little bast@rds are just wrong.

Question: Who are the idiots that smash your family pumpkins for there own enjoyment?

What is wrong with people?

We had a family evening and carved pumpkins for Halloween. It was me, Liz, Teagan, Zach and "aunt" Christy. I hadn't actually carved a pumpkin before, by myself (man is it nasty), but Liz thought it would be fun for the kids. So, we picked up 2 at the store and carved them on Wednesday evening. It was fun, but messy, and the kids had fun. Zach had more fun than Teagan, but she still enjoyed it. She had mommy make a sad faced pumpkin, I think it looked like Charlie Brown. Mine was going to be really cool or so I thought. I had to change the plans as I carved, but it still looked OK when it was done. Well, we finished them and left them on our back deck until Friday, Halloween. On Friday we put them out front with candles in them to celebrate Halloween and be festive. They were beautiful.

Here's where the fun family project goes wrong. Liz went out about 9:00 or so and blew out the candles and brought them (the candles) in. The Pumpkins were outside enjoying the festive feelings they were providing until some time after we went to bed. We didn't know it at the time, but their good feelings were about to change. During the night some bast@rd(s) decided to smash all the pumpkins on our street. Liz found the remains this morning just before taking Teagan to dance class, she was very upset. Then the rest of the family went out to get in the car and Teagan saw what had happened. She was upset but her reaction was a little surprising, she asked why someone did that and then said when she gets bigger she is going to become a police officer and get the people who break pumpkins. Its sometimes strange to see how T responds and reacts. I thought initially she would fall apart and start crying and be upset, but I was very proud of her reasoning, instead of crying she thought about what had happened and reasoned out what could be done to stop it. My little girl amazes me immensely and makes me so proud at times.

Well this post has changed since I started writing it. At first I was pissed at the destroyer of property, but as I found while writing, I am proud of my daughter and I hope she realizes how much I appreciate her.