Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Best TD Run EVER (at least in my mind-3)

Lead up to the TD run
Part 1 rooms 1-3
Part 2 rooms 4-6

This is it, Room 7 - the Dragon's Lair.

We entered with the other group running Dragon Ward. We were told the other group was an illusion created by Bibwik to distract the dragon. We were in a small area blocked from the dragon. Then it was time, we walked around the corner and there was Smoak sleeping. We slowly snuck up to do battle. As we started the attack, I began singing songs of valor and battle. Our first round of attacks was not very fruitful, but I think our trusty wizard cast a magic missile spell. The dragon was awakening and we attacked the second round. I don't think we did much damage then the dragon decided it would like to bake us in a fireball. Luckily we had the amulet from room 6. It took the fireball into itself and disintegrated, saving us for at least another round of attacks. Next the dragon got a jump on us and attacked me. Killing me, but I look at it as taking one for the team. Then the dragon decided it was time to mock Wil. With the noise it was hard for Wil to hear it, but he did perk up and heard that the dragon was mocking him. He was not going to take it lightly that the dragon had had mocked him and killed his faithful bard. He strode up to the board released his slide and watched it hit the 20 on the dragon's image. I saw this as I was falling to my final rest and called out for no one else to slide yet. If the 10 on the token pointed to the damage dot, Wil would have slain the dragon right then and there. The DMs walked over looked at it closely for what seemed an eternity, even though it was probably 5 seconds. Checked it and the 10 was almost dead center in line with the damage dot. Wil had slain the dragon with 1 slide. No one else had done or did it the rest of the con. I was in the presence of a great dragonslayer. Much cheering and celebrating went on. (Unfortunately for my character, I think the poor dead bard was forgotten and left to rot. No big deal) As the dragon lay there dying, the elfin cleric (did I forget to mention the elfin cleric who was trapped in a cage?) ran over to Smoak and struck the dragon with the Evading Hilt. After doing so, she realized that in her crazed state she had made a horrible mistake. The letters of "the evading hilt" can be rearranged into "the living death". So, even though a mortal blow was struck upon the dragon, the cleric had unwittingly turned it into an undead dracolich.

And so the story continues on...

At this point I want to say I had a blast with everyone on the run. Everyone was so nice, man that sounds dumb. It's true though. I wasn't sure what to expect. I hoped they would be cool and fun and I wasn't disappointed. They all made me laugh. They worked hard on puzzles. I don't have one bad thing to say. I think that they would be people I would hang out with, if I weren't 1550 miles away. Felicia was awesome. I think I may have insulted her when she was leaving. She said I was funny as the bard and I turned stupid. I should have said thanks and that I love her writing, timing, and acting on the Guild, but instead I said "You're intense" and it looked like she had a sort of put off look on her face. Felicia, if you happen to read this, understand that the fanboy in me turned 12 and I turned stupid. I think you're awesome and cool as Hell, if Hell can be cool with all the fire and stuff. You know what I mean.


  1. You forgot to note that the other group - the illusion created by Bibwik - included none other than Peter Atkison, owner of GenCon. *chuckle*

  2. I was the coach for Peter and his group...the best part about that group were the two "kids" that were in the group. They were wide-eyed and totally excited to play TD. They were a bit nervous about facing a dragon I think...but they were ready! After the run I saw them from afar and they both had smiles on their faces. A couple of days later I saw them both in the airport flying home. I waved and they took a second, but remembered me as their coach, I asked if they had FUN and both of them totally smiled and said they had a fantastic time! Makes being a volunteer for TD totally worth it! GEA

  3. Nice set of posts! It's cool to hear "the tale" of a TD run, not to mention one with suck prestigious and geeky company!

  4. I know a Monk (Sellout on the forums) killed the dragon in one blow with the Bracers of Quivering Palm. I know this because I was there.