Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Best TD Run EVER (at least in my mind-1)

Lead up to the TD run

I wish I had paid more attention to who did what in each room.

We entered room 1 and saw a large table with 4 colored lit up balls. There was a smaller pedestal with 4 colored indentations and a clue on the wall. The clue told us that we needed to get the balls on the table from one end to the other. The table was about 4 feet on a side and had walls and holes in it. There were hand holds on each side for 2 people a side. We each assumed a position and lifted the table. We started out slowly to get the hang of the tilting and ball motion. We got the first ball to almost the end when we ran into a small ramp. We got the ball up the ramp and down into the finishing spot. Sandeeep then ran it over to the pedestal and we started on the second ball. We were starting to get confident and moving the ball faster, so I said the famous Star Wars line "Don't get cocky" and before I could say "This ain't like dustin' crops boy" Felicia says "Yeah, don't get cocky!" She was very impressive with her focus and determination. We finished the second the second ball just after the 6 minute bell. I think we felt pretty confident that we would finish in time. However, while starting ball 3, ball 4 decides to follow along. We got ball 3 to a point where we could tilt the table to get 4 back to a safe spot. It took a little time, but not too much. We almost had the third ball done when we were coming up to the ramp. Oops, we hit a hole before we got to the ramp. I think Jeff L took that damage. Then we were at the ramp and "Oops again," Wil takes damage when we overcompensate and "hello" hole. We then finished ball 3. Ball 4 was almost a complete dupe of ball 3. We hit the hole before the ramp and then the hole at the ramp. So we got through the room with minimal damage, but solved it and got the elemental plaque we would need to access the dragon's domain. Healing was discussed, but I think we held off for now.

We next go to the connector between rooms 1 and 2. The DM meets us and tells us we are now at the end of a cavern and the only way out is a small cave. Felicia uses a potion of polymorph to change into a viper and scout ahead. I thought this was a genius move. I don't know if anyone else did this throughout the game. After she goes through she doesn't come back, so we decide we must find out what happened. As we enter the cave we set off an avalanche and have to hurry through. Upon exiting we find Felicia trapped inside a gelatinous cube. (as an aside, a gelatinous cube is basically a cube 7 feet on a side made out of wobbly Jello. We couldn't actually make a big woobly Jello cube, but we had a cool mockup that looked like it could have been a big cube of jello.) We have to do battle with the cube to defeat it while trying to be mindful of not damaging Felicia. I break into song as the bard to bolster the spirits of our team and help with dealing more damage. The first round I think we hit the cube 5 times and missed Felicia. Yea us!!! Round 2 we hit 6 times and again we miss our trapped wizard. Our attacks were so powerful we fell the cube in just 2 rounds. We helped our wizard clean the cube goo off (not really, but it just sounds cool) and prepared for room 3. There was time left in the room, so a little healing was done. I think the cube got in a hit or two before we took it down. I was busy singing and walking the room, so I didn't pay close attention to who got hit. I wish we would have thought to get a pic of Felicia in the cube. It would have been epic.

We next ventured to room 3 where we found a table in the elemental Plane of Fire. We were informed by the DM that the walls were "on fire" and would "burn you" if touched. One wall had keys on it. The table had 2 words on it saying SEEK KEY. There was a clue stating we needed to find the right key to get out. It also said to solve the puzzle only 4 of the pieces in the words could be moved for the solution. The letters were made as if they were formed from toothpicks. Their was a little discussion about which pieces to move, but the group figured out all but the last piece pretty quickly. The way the Y was made made it look like it was pointing in a diagonal direction, however the bottom of the Y could be moved up to make it point down. The group deduced the clue on the wall that talked about being READ meant to start with the red key. Starting with the red key, we went right once then left 5 times and then down. I had the ring of fire resistance so I started to grab what I hoped was the right key. The DM made sure I really wanted that key, the team said yes, we do. Earlier Felicia used the detect illusion token and found the area where the door was hidden. I took the key and it opened the door to room 4. Yea, again. No damage in this room and solved with plenty of time left. It was brought up that the wizard had led the way into all the rooms so far and that we'd be careful not to do that anymore. So now it was time to go to room 4.

Rooms 4-6 will be in the next update...

Part 2 rooms 4-6
Part 3 the final room

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