Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lead up to the True Dungeon Run

On Friday evening I was keeping an eye out for the Guildies to show up. We wanted to try to keep them from being mobbed and bothered and let them have a normal run. I spotted them over by the escalator where we were having our treasure draws. I got Jeff's attention and we greeted them. I was just acting in a director's capacity to get them checked in, sign waivers, and get them their bag of tokens. You know, the normal stuff. We were going to have Jeff Broemmel and Stefan Pokorny, owner of Dwarven Forge, go along to fill out the party. I saw Stefan behind me and thought he was going on the run, but the next thing I know Jeff hands me a waiver and says "You're going with them, if you want to." My brain exploded with all kinds of questions and stuff...

"I get to go on a run with the Guildies?"
"Are you kidding me?"
"Felicia Day is tiny."
"Who invented liquid soap and why?"

I'll admit, I was nervous. In case you missed it, I think The Guild webisodes are effin awesome! I wanted TD to make a good impression and I didn't want to be the loose wheel that made the cart crash. I didn't want to be a stumbling fanboy.

Did I mention that I was told that they had started working on their characters and divying their tokens at lunch? It was awesome to see them get their bag of tokens for the run and start going through the new tokens deciding what would help their characters and what just wouldn't make the cut. So when it was time we headed to the coaches area to have a coach figure up our armor class, hit points, saves, attack bonuses, etc... We were all sitting there still going through tokens when I handed Wil the +2 Long Spear of Dragonslaying. It will automatically kill any dragon if a 20 is slid and the "10" area is pointing at the damage dot on the combat board. Not very likely to happen, but I was playing the Bard and couldn't use it, so I gave it to our resident Paladin. We were finally getting our party sheet finished as we went into the training area.

Wil was the Paladin
Felicia was the Wizard
Sandeep was the Rogue
Jeff (Lewis) was the Barbarian
Robin was the Monk
Mitzy (with GenCon) was the Cleric
Jeff (Broemmel) was the Ranger
and I was the Bard

So now we are begining training. The fighter types are practicing on a slider board, Mitzy is memorizing the Cleric beads and Felicia is memorizing the Wizard's planes. This gave me a chance to get a feel for each player. The Jeffs were practicing the sliding and I made Jeff Lewis laugh, which helped me start to calm down. I talked a little to Robin and she was upbeat and perky (did I just refer to someone as perky?). Wil was getting into his boastful Paladin persona and making proclamations. Mitzy is a D&D player and had always wanted to do TD but never had a chance, so she was pumped. Felicia was very intent on the Wizard's planes and getting nervous that she wouldn't memorize them, so Wil stopped his slider practice and tested her. By the end she was getting them all. About halfway through there was a magical communication from Bibwik the Mad Mage. He gave some back story and told the adventurers what needed to be done. He then faded away until the end of the room when he was teleporting the group into the first room. I was a little disappointed they didn't notice Bibwik was actually me. I did whiten my hair and goatee, maybe it was enough to change me.

So this leads us to the first room and the next post to come. Stay tuned...

Part 1 rooms 1-3
Part 2 rooms 4-6
Part 3 the final room

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